A Visual Re-Cap

You have actually been among our biggest financial investments.

eagerly anticipating 2020 we are already starting to plan ahead for how we can meal prep much better not just for performance and aesthetic appeals however also our over all health, our eyes being an important part of this planning.

In the process of finding the right set of glasses for not just myself however likewise my entire family, Ive likewise found out from the Doctors as our local Iris how I can be sustaining our household much better to support our eye health, how to safeguard our eyes versus blue light rays to support much healthier sleep patters, concentration and avoid unnecessary headaches. We have actually likewise discovered the value of not just using sunglasses to safeguard our families eyes in the warmer months but how crucial protecting our eyes from harmful rays, dust and debris all year is something we require to be considering before we tuck our summertime sunnies away.

We likewise are looking at ways to help our kids make eye care a daily health practice at school and at house by motivate blue light security glasses while using screens, checking out times and correct sunglasses for sports and outdoor activities.

There are some collaborations as a blog writer that leave a long lasting effect on your household and I can say for our family the time spent with the Iris group has been just that.

Thank you to the
IRIS team!

When I started dealing with IRIS 2 years ago, I truthfully thought the relationship would reach discovering glasses that fit my face well and supporting a regional business. However when I decided to do this re-cap post I understood this relationship ended up being a lot more then just finding out about how to purchase the ideal set of glasses.

As soon as again how what I thought would be a relationship focused on stye and style rapidly ended up being so much more, when I look back at this list Im.

Never ever in a million years would I have thought that putting these things are our household health objectives would have been a top priority for me, however its incredible how easy tips, info and quality financial investments into relationships can change your point of view.

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